Navigate The Data Governance Landscape With Confidence

Fieldfisher’s white paper on “Compliance Obligations in APAC” provides organizations with guidance as to how they can achieve compliance with local and international data retention obligations using the right technology solution.

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  • Get an overview of local and extra-territorial data retention legislation and security standards that are applicable to global businesses operating in the Asia Pacific
  • Understand the key principles that underpin these data retention obligations and what to look for in a technology solution to address these requirements:
    • Data capture and management: The system has to enable complete capture of records with automated archival and intelligent object classification to address reporting and retention obligations.
    • Access and availability: Users should be able to search and retrieve data easily to comply with regulatory requirements for verification, audit, fraud detection and record management.
    • Privacy and security: The system should incorporate advanced encryption techniques and granular, multilayer access rights to ensure that data is protected.
    • Integrity and authenticity: Every content object has to be tamper-proof and every action within the system has to be fully auditable.
    • Retention and preservation: Data has to be retained in line with retention and disposal policies in a revision-safe, unalterable manner.
    • Disposal and defensibility: When disposal is required, the system should be able to ensure that no trace of the record can be recovered after deletion.
  • Find out how Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) addresses these requirements and helps your organization to navigate an increasingly complex data governance landscape.

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