Digital transformation (DX) is more than just a new business model; it's one that is fueling substantial business growth. As companies achieve revenue increases in the billions, many are now eager to embark on the journey.

The only way to realize the benefits of digital transformation is to better access, integrate and analyze your data to create insights that empower digital transformation. Data becomes the common lens for business and IT leaders to shape their digital transformation. IT organizations must shift their thinking from supporting the traditional IT stack to enabling digital transformation through data.

Download the assets below to understand how you can achieve faster and better outcomes for your company and customers with the modern enterprise.

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1.Best Practices Guide: 5 Keys to Digital Transformation Success
This helps explain why CIOs in industry studies are voicing concerns about the high levels of risk that come with transformation efforts. Transformation pioneers are now sharing emerging best practices for reducing the risk of change. In this guide you will understand how to:

  • Design an infrastructure that supports innovation.
  • Enhance traditional data warehouses.
  • Close skills gaps and prioritize digital transformation projects.

2.CIO's Guide to Digital Transformation
Forbes revealed a common theme among IT pioneers: digital transformation isn't just their biggest challenge, it's also their best opportunity. IT innovators see a data-defined path to unlock success in digital business. In this guidebook, you'll explore:

  • Why data is at the core of digital transformation and its key role in the new enterprise
  • Top considerations for CIOs, including advice from IT pioneers
  • The five keys to achieve true digital transformation success

3.Infographic on How you can win at Digital Transformation
Advance your old IT model with a new data strategy that fully exploits cloud, open source and emerging technologies to deliver new services in the modern, agile enterprise. In this infographic, you will: Get a preview of the insights from a Global Study of Top Executives in the infographic which reveals that digital transformation is a top priority. The report analyses the steps that companies need to take to succeed.